Yonex MUSCLE POWER 2 Badminton racket

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Product Description

Description:MUSCLE POWER FRAME for sharp repulsion.

Item Code:MP2




Weight / Grip Size:U (Ave.98g) G4

Colour:Ice Blue ,Magenta

Brand Yonex


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Selective Range of Yonex Muscle Power 2 Badminton Racquet at Reasonable Price

Being the most popular and of course an addictive sport, Badminton is the game that people from all walks of life prefer to play either at home or in court where professional players are also doing practice to improve their skills. In order to become an expert in this sport, you need a variety of things. Badminton racquets are also among them that are required to start the game and become expert.

If you are looking for such racquets, you have come at the right place at Sports Producta where Yonex Muscle power 2 badminton racquets are available at very reasonable prices. Such racquets are ideal for those who are looking for flexible comfortable things.

They come with square and isometric head that allows for a balanced swing. Not to mention a steel shaft and a G4 grip that allows for a perfect hold. Such rackets are crafted perfectly; while the frames are made of high modulus graphite. We are bringing you different models of such racquets that are available in a variety of sizes. Choice is yours; you have to choose the right one and place your order accordingly. We have a large stock at discounted prices.